"The photographer skillfully captures the difficult relationship between a mother and a daughter-in- law. The need to control from the mother and her need to conform to her elders rules, captured in this photo in a sideways glance of both subjects with neither looking directly at the camera. A powerful photo indeed."
Clare Spencer, New Delhi, India
"My first exposure to Runa's portraits was at an exhibition in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2010. What struck me immediately was how she portrays the dignity and strength of each woman photographed. Her eye for striking composition and colour, coupled with her success in capturing a direct gaze into the lens, creates the feeling of a personal link to the woman in the photograph. Having spent time in India and Nepal myself I consider Runa's work to be incredibly accurate and authentic."  
Barbra Naylor, Kathmandu, Nepal 

"We were truly impressed by Runa Green's subject matter and have one of her special ladies on our wall where she reminds us of our time in India."
Dr. Cheryl Crosthwaite and Rob Scott,  Australia

" I am very proud to possess three of these impressive and colourful photos taken by Runa.
They have a special place on my wall.
Willeke Blokzijil. Belgium.

"I first met Runa Green in December 2009 when she came into the gallery at the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center and showed us her work. It was a month before we officially opened and we were delighted to show her luminous and vibrant photographs. Since then I have followed her work with interest and I am delighted she has now established a website so that her work can be seen by a wider audience. i look forward to watching her progress."
Celia Washington, Founder Director of the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center.

"Runa's photographs capture the beauty of each woman without glossing over their hardship."
Dympna Jardine , UK.

 "Having lived in Nepal and travelled to India and seen the beauty of women's faces, the creativity expressed in their ways of dressing overcomes the hardship of their conditions. All this makes me feel that Runa Green's work is a great tribute - a celebration to the everyday women of those places."
Bertha Elisa Suasnabar. Sociologist , Bolivia.

"Sharmila Runa Green, was the first one to inspire me about fashion. She gave me a vision to live a creative life. I admire her for her deep understanding of the visual perspectives of the things we are surrounded by, I also admire her for her passion and dedication through which she produces the kind of work which is legendary. It makes me dream, it makes me smile, it makes me cry, and above all it inspires me to cultivate ideas for myself and for my students. Blessed to have such a wonderful teacher/ mentor".
Amit Chotrani
Head of Department, Department of Creative Technologies, Middle East College, Oman

 'I have a room in my house in France with photos on the wall. '
Dawn Quinn. Queensland, Australia.

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