Sought-after London photographer Sharmila Green is engaged to photograph numerous London Fashion Week, film, society, and diplomatic events, as well as for fashion and film web development.  Sharmila is also story creator and co-producer of a short concept film Sebastian, currently in preproduction.

Born and raised in the UK, she attended Art School at Lancashire University and studied Fashion and Textiles in Manchester before taking her artistic and visionary abilities abroad to live in Italy, India, the Maldives, and Nepal.
While teaching Fashion Design in India, she was struck by the varied styles of dress belonging to the different ethnic groups, tribes, castes and local communities.  Combined with her experiences in fashion she set off on a quest to photograph people and their diverse ways of dressing.  These photographs are the basis of a book soon to be published.  While in Nepal, Sharmila continued to photograph everyday scenes and people, resulting in an exhibition at the Nepal Embassy in London. 
Not only do Sharmila’s cosmopolitan life experiences give her a unique and unrestricted insight into varied and vibrant cultures and aesthetics, but also it has given her expertise in the interpretation and expression of the vagaries of life through photography.  She works with a highly professional team incorporating hair and makeup artists, who aid in the accomplishment of her work by sharing the eye for the distinctive beauty and style of each subject, helping to generate a unique atmosphere in every shot.  Her work for web and print has been exhibited across the globe.
Perhaps it is due to her worldly persona that Sharmila is a gifted leader and collaborator for diverse artistic and business endeavors.  Her way with people is almost ethereal, and is also what has allowed her to be so successful at photographing models and foreign diplomats alike.  She has a vast network of artists, producers and friends that is continually growing into a self-sustaining community of media specialists, with the shared value of the power of the story-image now known as The Creative Collaborative.  

Sharmila is spearheading a new dynamism in the way that projects get made, connecting the top talent with photography and film industry leaders. 
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