Film Projects

Dona Nobis Pacem 

A triptych film created, written and directed by Sharmila Green, about our tendency to make assumptions. Trapped in our own subjective experiences, we are unable to accurately understand each other without projecting our own preconceived ideas. In each segment, set separately across  India and England, the audience is tempted to make assumptions about the characters and their motives. One recurring character, a young Indian boy is pivotal to each story. What we may see as the truth is framed by these conjectures, but will they play out as we expect?

Part 1: HungryAngel

We are given an insight into the fallout of a tragic family death. Abigail Hunter (Venetia Menzies), an independent young woman, travels to an Indian ashram to recuperate after the mysterious death of her mother, Suzanna (Louisa Clein).  Upon return, she visits her grandfather Jacob (Ken Drew), and tells him about a revelation she had in India after she formed a close relationship with a guru- her mother is still alive! Struggling to process the passing of his daughter, Jacob is taken aback by his grand daughter’s apparent state of delusion when she arrives at his North London house to share the news. Mrs Cranberry (Pam Peck), a neighbour, sees Abi arrive dressed in traditional Indian clothing, and barely recognises her. After hearing footsteps inside the house, Abi begins to question her state of mind. Unable to talk sense into her, Jacob storms out of the house to go for a walk and comes across Mrs C. The audience assumes she will speak ill of Abi, but actually she attempts to defend her and console Jacob. 

Part 2: Nobis

Suspicion of a young boy on a skateboard (Josh Pyne) leads Dan, an introverted computer engineer (Paul Mclaughlin), to become concerned for his new friend Margaret, a retired professional violinist (Annette Andre).  As the new friendship develops, he frequently notices the young boy, and after consulting his girlfriend Anu (Sarah Agha) he becomes emotionally concerned for the safety of this new acquaintance when she fails to turn up as usual. 

Part 3: Pacem

An elderly woman in Calcutta (Kolkata), India, reflects on her life, which was seemingly spent in one room. As she realizes that she is coming to the end of her life, she feels satisfied with her choice to never leave home as the familiarity of her house has brought her peace. From her bedroom window however, new sights, smells, and sounds, challenge her perception of the world just in time for her to leave it. Waiting to be taken to the next life, she realises no one is coming, that she is alone, and that this is the fundamental truth.


Sharmila Green was creator and co-producer of a short concept film titled "Sebastian' based on a stills video (see stills video on mobile)  (See in large format)
Sebastian is man with secrets, an artistic bent and an intriguing power which connects him to people's vulnerabilities and imprisons them within their own guilt and fear.
'Sebastian' is designed as a TV series click here to view trailer. of short concept film.

Click here to view  synopsis and production notes


Journey to the Beginning of the World

Children's book by Virginia McLean - Sharmila Green was co-story illustrator 

Photo by Auto

Sharmila's own book about photography of people in central India


Photo Exhibitions

' Dibya Jyoti ' - True Light - The Ambassador's choice.

The Embassy of Nepal, 12A Kensington Palace Gardens, London 
A selection of photographs reflecting on daily life in Kathmandu, Nepal.
3rd July 2013 


The Nehru Centre, cultual wing of The High Commission of India, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF
Photographs from Bhopal, Madyha Pradesh, India.  To celebrate International Women's Week 
11 to 15 March 2013 See short video on Youtube

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